Welcome to the web site of the Friendship Force of Big Canoe-North Georgia. Big Canoe lies on the Pickens County-Dawson County line, about 65 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia. Members of the club live in an area extending about 30 miles around Big Canoe. We currently have 58 members. Click here for a location map.

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The Club would be pleased to provide a speaker for your club or service group. For more information or to arrange a talk, contact president Sherry Wileman at 404-386-9224 or by clicking on her name.

The Friendship Force was originated by Rev. Wayne Smith and President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter during the Carter presidency. These founders envisioned that friendships among people of different nations and cultures not only would be personally enriching for participants, but could contribute to world peace on a broad scale.

Their idea has proved its merit. Friendship Force programs have created tens of thousands of enduring friendships and helped to establish ties among businesses, institutions and communities throughout the world as Friendship Force members traveled as Ambassadors from their home country to another country. Local hosts welcomed them into their homes, providing activities that reflect community life and local cultures. In 1993 the organization was recognized for its international work by being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

For information about The Friendship Force, its 30-year history, and current information, please see its web site.

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